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Microwave radar sensor and infrared sensors. 
The microwave radar sensor is reaction for the displacement of the object. The infrared sensor is respond to the existence of object

Due to the quality of the installation and the using circumstance. The door will lead some problems. So it need regularly check and mantainence

10. How to choose automatic door configuaration?

Different brand its standard configuration also is different, after choosing automatic door brand and determine its basic configuration, again according to use requirement, decide need to add additional function.

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swing door arm type

Different brand or model has different loading weight. The width and height should consider the door leaf weight otherwise affect the door actuator


sliding door installation

How to install, and each process should pay attention. 

6.History of revolving doors

The automatic revolving door is the product of the technology of the photoelectromechanical integration in the construction equipment.  Not only gives a person the feeling of amiable and generous, but also can build luxurious atmosphere



8. Installation for automatic swing door opener

Now we can see automatic swing door opener install on many home or office, even some shop. Do you know how to install it?

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automatic sliding door installation

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Normally automatic doors are composed of these components, the main controller, sensor, power brushless motors, automatic sliding door track, door hanger, synchronous belt, the lower part of the guidance system,

automatic sliding door opener

7.install automatic glass door

Now we can see automatic sliding door everywhere. It can divide into frame door and frameless glass door. And they have different installation.

9. Why we need breakout automatic sliding door?

In the case of power cuts, and some emergency situations, and the door can't normal open and close, and people will subconsciously rushed to the door, automatic door if unable to open or channel is narrow, accidents will happen.​

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Automatic bi-parting sliding door

11. Precautions for installation of automatic sliding door

Safety should be clear before install your automatic doors, otherwise may lead to such accidents as fire, electric shocks or fall off.

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