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The linear magnetic drive sliding door is a new automatic door drive device. Through the magnet and the coil attracts, the repulsion creates the impetus to push the door. As a result of a significant reduction in the action of the friction point, so the door opening and closing to achieve an unprecedented smooth and quiet. In this way the friction point is small, the noise is less than 40 decibels, resilience is less than 10N below.

Magnetic levitation automatic doors, a professional used in home improvement, the hospital, office, etc. Ultra-safe, ultra-clean, ultra-quiet safety automatic doors. A global leader automatic door, to enhance the level of the product as a high-grade automatic doors

It suit for home automatic doors standards, barrier-free standards. For example, in the house, offices and hospitals and other places can give full play to its quiet and safe features; In the factory clean room can take full advantage of its clean performance, Number of advantages of linear motor automatic doors have been active in a various places.

magnetic drive automatic door

Linear magnetic drive sliding door


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automatic sliding door magnetic
magnetic hosptial automatic sliding door


   Magnetic Linear Motor Door Actuator Features:

Magnetic drive automatic sliding door mechanism can be used in: living room, residential entrance, building entrance, shopping malls entrance, sanitary rooms, conference rooms, prefabricated cold storage, clinics, toilets and so on.


MODEL: Magnetic sliding door operator B

LEAD TIME: 1-5 Days

magnetic automatic sliding doors
magnetic linear automatic sliding door


1, Safety

   Magnetic linear actuator is constantly monitoring door speed and its position. Keep children and senior in safe condition.

2, Smooth and quiet opening and closing
     Using magnetic levitation as a driving force, so that the door opening and closing movement to achieve an unprecedented high degree of smooth and quiet.

3, Rarely produce dust, thus cleanly
     Friction point less, for clean rooms, food factories and other places of taboo dust and dust.

4, With excellent security return function
     With the door at any time to detect the speed, when the human body or obstacle hit the door. The door will do reverse movement, to ensure safe (safe return) function.

5, Can be easily opened when power off.
     The magnet and coil connected to the door are non-contact, and can be used as a manual door in the event of an emergency such as a power failure.

6, Push& go
     The door opens as soon as it is slightly pushed by hand

7, Manually open easily: the convenient auxiliary function
     When pull the door to open the direction of 2CM, the door will automatically open, after a certain period of time the back door will automatically shut down. Ideal for use in homes and hospitals.

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   Magnetic  Automatic Sliding Door Operator Description:

   Magnetic Linear Drive Sliding Door Appliacation:

1.Super safety.

Because for home use, with children or the elderly, it must be the first factor for safety, and the traditional automatic doors are controlled by the rotary motor, so the intensity is large. Often more than 100N force, according to the study, the child's shin is not subject to 10KG force, for children, is very dangerous. Especially for curious children, it is unable to control, then the magnetic drive automatic door avoid this, because it is a non-contact magnetic levitation motor, all its intensity to design very light, it can easily rebound, the intensity is less than 10N, you can test with a balloon, when the door touch the balloon, the door will automatically rebound. 
2. Ultra-quiet

When close the automatic magnetic drive sliding door, noise control at 40 dB below. Because it is the non-contact magnetic levitation motor, so the movement process, the motor does not produce a little sound, and for the traditional automatic doors, it's rotary motor, when rotary motor in the running process, the friction with the belt, resulting in sound, Will produce noise.
So the normal auto-door is unable to meet the household needs of ultra-quiet. Can not really improve people's living standards, especially for some owners which want enjoy high quality life, may can not meet their requirment. The magnetic linear drive sliding door to make up for this special. Truly improve enjoyment. This is the hospital should pay attention to this feature
3. Easy open when power off.

The traditional sliding door is driven by the belt and the rotary motor, after the power failure, the motor with a belt, the door opening has an impediment, but let you refreshing is that magnetic drive linear sliding door is non-contact magnetic levitation motor, when power failure, Automatic doors to become a manual door, without any resistance, it is equivalent to the wheels on the track taxi, easy and convenient.
4. Magnetic linear drive automatic door can be automatically set to assist mode, full-open mode, half-open mode, anywhere stop function, and all settings are automatically set.
For example: assist mode, gently push the door about 2CM, the door automatically open (other automatic doors do not have this feature)

Full-open mode: manually push the automatic door to the bottom of about 3 seconds, the door will keep open.

if you want to close, that is moving forward 2CM, the door automatically closed, this feature is customized for home automatic doors, the other automatic doors do not have this feature. 

Half-open mode: The door can be push & go and then back to any position, and the can arbitrarily parked in any position, which is not the function of other doors.

The opening speed, closing speed, opening force can be adjusted.
5. Transmission is reliable

 Because it is non-contact way. Normal sliding door transmission is through the belt drive, electromagnetic automatic door is advanced through the magnetic drive, more reliable, more advanced, better selling point, more in line with the owners of high quality of life requirements.

automatic magnetic drive sliding door

FOB PRICE: 450-850 USD

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Linear drive magnetic sliding door

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