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Handicap door operators are normally work by a push button on the wall, motion detector installed above the door, wall switch operated  both wired and wireless, or card reader styles.



ADA handicap door operator is designed for those who use wheelchairs or other aids, also they can be used by the elderly, mothers or someone pushing strollers, or someone need to carry along.

Our handicapped door mechanism can help you install a facility with an ADA compliance requirment or change normal doors to automatic for easy access. No need extra cost for change the door or the wall.


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For care about these special who need assistance, door opener for disabled should not only in hospital or home, but also should be installed in public, like office buildings, schools, supermarket, toilet and many other public buildings.

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Our automatic door systems can be manually adjusted for a hold-on open time ( 1- 30 seconds ) or set to require a manual signal to close after the user is ready. Also it can set the opening and closing time.


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ADA handicap door opener

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