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The door body is made of colorized steel panel with foaming process or made of the large-plane sub-light stainless steel plate and framed large-plane glass.
At both sides and the center joint, there are the sealing strips installed, which conforms to the sanitary requirement for use in automatic hospital door, research institute, recording studio or any other places need for dustproof and cleanness.
Special purpose seal stripe are used to seal around th emobile door to make sure that the door will joint tightly with the doorframe for air tightness when closed.
It can joint the door frame when close down and ensuring the airtightness of door.

Hermetic doors

Hermetic Doors / Airtight Doors are necessary equipments which mainly used in the clean room with airtight requirement, such as the hospital operation department, purification ward, plain ward, ICU, laboratory, lazaretto ward, purification plant, pharmaceutical industries and so on. 

The main advantage of the hermetic door is airtight,sound-insulated,heat preservation,resistant compression,dust proof,fire protection,radiation protection,etc.


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To classify by control mode, the hermetic doors can be classified as:
1, Manual Hermetic Door;
2, Automatic Hermetic Doors;
To classify by opening / closing mode, the hermetic doors can be classified as:
1, Swing Hermetic Door;
2, Sliding Hermetic Doors;


   Automatic hospital door and hERMETIC DOOR Description:

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MODEL: Hermetic door


Automatic hospital door, hermetic door

WARRANTY: 24 Months


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Swing doors
Single door width: 700mm - 1000mm
Mother & son door width: 1200mm - 1400mm
Double door width: 1400mm - 1800mm
Door height: 1900mm - 3000mm
Sliding doorsSingle door width: 1000mm - 2200mm
Double door width: 1500mm - 3000mm
Door height: 1900mm - 3100mm