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Motors for Electric Swing Gates

Automatic Sliding Door, Swing Door Operator

The magnetic linear drive sliding door actuator is a new automatic door drive device. Through the magnet and the coil attracts, the repulsion creates the impetus to push the door. As a result of a significant reduction in the action of the friction point, so the door opening and closing to achieve an unprecedented smooth and quiet. In this way the friction point is small, the noise is less than 40 decibels, resilience is less than 10N below.Magnetic levitation automatic doors, a professional used in home improvement, the hospital, office, etc. Ultra-safe, ultra-clean, ultra-quiet safety automatic doors. A global leader automatic door, to enhance the level of the product as a high-grade automatic doors

 It can do without complex safety edge monitoring due to its low kinetic energy design and intelligent controls.
Sensitive auto-reverse when block and self-detection when close again.
Incredibly light of impact force.
When power off, it will stay open and open by hand easily less than 150N
Constantly monitoring speed and position

Push& go:The door opens as soon as it is slightly pushed by hand

Automatic window openers uses electronic device to operate all kinds of interior and exterior windows to open and close automatically

Automatic sliding gate mechanism is a rack and pinion operated slide gate opener that features: the ability to easily set position and location limits, soft-start and slow-stop technology, automatic closing function, auto-reverse, manual key release design for emergency purposes and multiple interfaces.

The electric sliding garage gate opener has unique friction, sliding mechanism, to ensure personal safety. And unique design of the clutch, dual protection, has good anti-theft effect.
Also the gate slider has small size, large power, easy installation, safe operation........

ADA Handicap door opener

Automatic Swing gate operator systems make a great statement: they’re stylish, giving your house a veneer of luxury, and will protect your family, as well as any pets you’d like to keep safe in your yard.
Electric swing gate operator has elegant design and versatile application for gates that are opened and closed frequently.
The slender structure permits excellent integration with the gate and makes installation easy...........

Leader automatic sliding door operator has good modular design offers very easy installation. Only need to fit all components into the guide rail and connect each part well, the automatic sliding door operator can work after activating the power supply.

The microcomputer controller has self learning function; The drive divice works smoothly, it's safe and reliable.​​If the electricity is failed, the door will stop moving. However, there is very little resistance, door leaf can easily be opened by hand........


ADA handicap door opener is designed for those who use wheelchairs or other aids, also they can be used by the elderly, mothers or someone pushing strollers, or someone bogged down by arms full of whatever they need to carry along.



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Leader automatic swing door opener is multi-function design, encoding technology, and multiple connection terminals for different access controll devices. The automatic swing door motor have passed 2 million-cycle durability tests before package to make sure its excellent reliablity.

The electric swing door opener has ultra-quiet operation enables it particularly suitable to the noise-sensitive places(such as the door of operation rooms,hospital passageways,senior clinics,office buildings,secert organs,business hotals,senior apartment buildings and leader's office,etc.........

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