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Safety beam for automatic doors

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Supply power: AC/DC 12-36V
Static current: 25mA
Action current: 40mA
The maximum transmit distance: 10m
N.O or N.C contact: Done by N.O/N.C contact selection
Beam: Single beam or double beam
Working environment temperature: -42ºC~45ºC
Working environment humidity: 10~90%RH
Appearance dimensions( controller ): 123(L)×50(W)×32(H)mm
Appearance dimensions( magic eye head ): 19(L)×13(D)mm




 Safety Beam Sensor For Automatic Doors

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1. Adopt microcomputer control technology, high integration with high stability.

2.International optical lens design with good focus quality, controlled angle is rational, easy to be  installed.

3.Far transmit distance with strong, anti-interference ability.

4.Adopting receiving filter, decoding, amplification system of German technology. Effective solution to anti-interference of natural daylight.

5.Emission electric eye adopts low-power consumption design with far transmit.

6.Emission contact and receive contact output separately with shielding line.

7.When the signal light be blocked, N.O or N.C contact can be flexibly chosen.

8.With 12-36V AC-DC power input.

9.The Definition of Input and Output Terminal


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