Power input: AC/DC 12-24V

Length of the line: 2.5m

Max installation height: 3000mm

Statuc Current: 30mA (DC12V)

Action Current: 110mA (DC12V)

Cover: ABS

Ray Type: Reflect infrared

Ray Source: Infrared 940nm

Quantity of ray: 1 line for presence, 4 emits, 16 spots. 3 lines for motion, 12 emits, 48 spots

Self-learning: 10s

Operation indicate: Standy by green LED, motion by yellow LED, presence by red LED.

Detection range: 1600 (W) X 800 (D) mm

Respond: less than 100ms



Infrared Microwave 2 in 1 Sensor For Automatic Doors


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1.Used for automatic sliding door, folding door and Curve door. Radar technology is for door activation. Infrared technology is for door safety entrance.
2.Have function of background self-learn. Can learn background automatically  when power on. Suit all kinds of 
   occasions.Always self-correcting once be influenced by quake, distortion, move, dark and sunshine. Ensure the sensor
   can work durable;

3.Anti-combustion ABS enclosure
4.High sensitivity and accurate detection
5.Superior stability, immune to the effects of external factors like wind, rain, cold, insects,etc. automatic door


   Infrared Microwave Sensor For Automatic Doors Features: