Infrared Microwave Sensor For Automatic Doors


   Infrared Microwave Sensor For Automatic Doors Features:

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1.Anti-combustion ABS enclosure
2.High sensitivity and accurate detection
3.Neat and concise design
4.Superior stability, immune to the effects of external factors like wind, rain, cold, insects,etc. automatic door

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Notice of Installing
1.Please install within 3m, or the delection sensibility will be reduced.
2.Please don't put things such as curtain, flowers and trees which are easy to swing at the delecting area,             otherwise will cause the error movement.
3.Please don't put in place where is invaded by vapor or oil fog. Otherwise it may cause error action.
4.Though the product has anti-interference function. In case in the nearby area more than 3 sets need to be     installed, it may occur error action due to the interference. So please ensure the right installing place or ask us
5.Please don't put it in place where the reflecting light such as sun light could reach the detecting lense,               otherwise it may cause error action. The back ground materials are marble and aluminum etc.
Installing Way
1.Stick installing paper on the mounting position, according to the instruction on the paper to drill the mounting     hole 3.5mm and cable entrance hole.
2.Fix the underframe on the wall will two screws.
3.Fix the main detector on the underframe
4.Connect the microwave sensor and autodoor connector. The gray cable is for power supply. The yellow               cable is for signal contact. Neither of them are polarized.
5.Keep the connect cable hidden.
6.Recover the outer cover after all parameters be set.



When the detector has been adjusted to max oblique, and the near-far flap adjust to "5" calibration, the detect distance is the maximum.
When the detector has been adjusted to vertical, and the near-far flap adjust to"1" calibration. The detect distance is the maximum.
Setting the Detector Sensitivity
Sensitivity fine-tuning to adjust the detection sensibility.
H: High Sensibility; L: Low Sensibility
Input and Outline
Yellow Line: Relay Output ( COM NO )
Gray Line: Power in ( AC/DC12-36V )

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