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   Infrared Microwave Sensor For Automatic Doors Features:

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Power input: AC/DC 12-24V

Length of the line: 2.5m

Max installation height: 3000mm

Statuc Current: 30mA (DC12V)

Action Current: 110mA (DC12V)

Cover: ABS

Ray Type: Reflect infrared

Ray Source: Infrared 940nm

Quantity of ray: 1 line for presence, 4 emits, 16 spots. 3 lines for motion, 12 emits, 48 spots

Self-learning: 10s

Operation indicate: Standy by green LED, motion by yellow LED, presence by red LED.

Detection range: 1600 (W) X 800 (D) mm

Respond: less than 100ms

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1.Used for automatic sliding door, folding door and Curve door. Radar technology is for door activation. Infrared technology is for door safety entrance.
2.Have function of background self-learn. Can learn background automatically  when power on. Suit all kinds of 
   occasions.Always self-correcting once be influenced by quake, distortion, move, dark and sunshine. Ensure the sensor
   can work durable;

3.Anti-combustion ABS enclosure
4.High sensitivity and accurate detection
5.Superior stability, immune to the effects of external factors like wind, rain, cold, insects,etc. automatic door

Infrared Microwave 2 in 1 Sensor For Automatic Doors