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Automatic Sliding Door Single Channel Remote Controller

Automatic Sliding Door Single Channel Remote Controller

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*Adopt uniformity frequency with high stability of wireless signal receiving and sending.
*Operation frequency: 315M, stability better than 10-5.
*Remote transmitter adopts low-power consumption design with far transmit distance. Long-service life of battery.
*With one-group of relay contact signal output, available to be used with autodoor unit, eletric lock and other access controllers.
*DC/AC12-36V voltage input
*Function switch with voice indicator, power indicator turns to be green to confirm the validity of operation.
*L-type or M-type available for chosen for output state.
*Adopt the way of coding self-learn, convenient to add the remote transmitter.


   Remote controller FEATURES:


1. High current electricity lock output module
2. Exquisite and fashionable shell design, compact size
3. With built-in surge absorber, able to effectively prevent the backflow sparks of electric lock action
4. Four key humane remote control design , easy to switch the four working states
5. With voice prompts to confirm effective remote operation





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