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 Access Control Keypad For Outside Automatic Doors

1. Exquisite design, silver plated keypad with back light
2. Output with protection function, waterproof and damp proof, suitable for outdoor use
3.Night vision function: With luminous keyboard, able to operate at night
4. Independent password: Can use the password only
5. Users convenient: Users can change the password by themselves
6. Fast identification speed: Able to open the door in less than 0.1S.
7. Output short circuit protection function: System will automatically turns off output when the electric lock or alarm's output short circuit is within 100μS.
8. Wiegand output: Wiegand interface, support Wg26, Wg34
9. Safety protection function: In case some card is lost, the keyboard can remove the card number directly, completely          eliminate security risks
10. Alarm system: There will be special built-in buzzer alarm sounds upon malfunction

11.Energy saving: Low power consumption, standby current is less than 30mA

12.Large storage capacity: 2,000 users

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Access Control Keypad For Outside Door system

   Access Control Keypad For Outside Automatic Doors Features: