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Automatic revolving door are not only beautiful and stylish, but they also meet or exceed safety regulations, reduce the amount of fumes that enter the building, and allow easier access for people entering the building. They are ideal for locations with high traffic, especially of shoppers, and for the crutch- or wheelchair-bound.

LEADER Automatic Door Technology can supply 2/3/4 wings automatic or manual revolving doors. Satisfy all kinds of requirments from customer.

2 wings automatic revolving door

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PORT: Shenzhen, Shanghai or Ningbo etc.

Hotel revolving door features

MODEL: Automatic revolving door 

LEAD TIME: 15-20 Business Days

WARRANTY: 36 Months

FOB PRICE: 10000-20000 USD



automatic revolving door


   Automatic revolving glass Door Description:



Automatic revolving glass door 

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   Automatic Revolving Glass Doors Features:

1. Responsive rotation: The infrared motion sensor perceives the moving objects( or signals), the door rotates automatically.
2. Anti-clamp: The anti-clamp sensor( infrared or extrusive) can avoid the door injuring the person passing by.
3. Emergency button: Push the button on the post, the door will stop immediately.
4. Lower speed: Push the button on the post, the door will rotate slowly.
5. Automatically display of functional status and malfunction: The screen on the post can display the code of doors operational state and the malfunction information.
6. Speed adjustment: Frequency conversion technology can adjust the speed rotate steadily.
7. High-efficiency seal: The high-quality brush keeps draughts, cold and noise outside.
Optional functions:
1. UPS: In the event of a power failure, the urgency electric power system can supply power to keep the door rotate.
2. Fingerprint identification: The fingerprint system can limit the qualifications of passenger to improve safe performance.
3. Fire central control: The fire control signal of building links to the door, the door unlock or switch to the urgency evacuation mode automatically when the fire alarm rise.
4. Customized products according to customers requirements.