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residential automatic sliding door

   Automatic Sliding Door Actuator Parameters:


automatic sliding door parameters

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   Automatic Sliding Door Actuator Spare Parts:
automatic sliding door residential

​​Automatic Sliding Door Actuator, Electric Pocket door opener and closer


Wisdom miniature computer controller
Automatic door is totally microcomputer optimized. Internal signal loops adopt no contact control mode, even after longtime working, opening and closing movement is still accurate. Door leaf position setting and adjustment, slide distance setting and adjustment, door leaf opening/closing speed setting and adjustment is accurately controlled by microcomputer controller.
The door open immediately if encounter an obstacle.
When the doors is closing, if it meets a pedestrian or obstacle, the door leaf will reverse automatically, the door will open immediately, it prevents pinching events and door damaged ,also improves the automatic door working life.
If the electricity is failed, the door will stop moving. However, there is very little resistance, door leaf can easily be opened by hand.
Good modular design offers very easy installation. Only need to fit all components into the guide rail and connect each part well, it can work after activating the power supply.


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automatic sliding door mechanism

** ISO9001&CE certificated
** With high silicon rubber aluminum wheel hanger roller
** A highly intelligent multi-CPU control system, providing easy adjustable  function and high security performance
** Low noise design (<45db)
** Energy-saving, sound proofing
** When the power is off, can choose the backup batteries to keep the door in normal operation
**Microcomputer intelligent control and humanized mechanical configuration.
**Powerful 24V DC reared motor provides excellent thermal equipped and quiet operator.Specially-designed sealing system has good tightness, ensuring no oil leakage
**Safety radar, ensure safe passage.
**Easy Installation: The 4.2meter length aluminum base is cut as specified, and all parts are mounted on the base at the factory.
**The unique self-locking function, need not extra accessories, full function remote control device, safe and reliable.
**Five different functions with remote control function keypad: Always open, half open, exit only, lock, normal open.

   Automatic Sliding Door Actuator Features:

automatic sliding door introduce
automatic sliding door part list


automatic sliding door installation


   Electric sliding door opener description:


FOB PRICE: 280-380 USD


WARRANTY: 24 Months

details of automatic sliding door

The control device of sliding automatic door contains basic function and extensional function, automatic operation/hold-open/closed/half-open to meet customer needs. Control device has multiple interfaces for choosing various connectors such as: safety beam photocell, electric locks, etc. Its drive devices adopts European technology to integrate motor with gear box, which offers strong driving and reliable operation and increased power output , it can adapt to a large door.

MODEL: Sliding Door Operator HH-150