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1) The door is designed for emergency escape passage where large number of pedestrians will pass
2) At any position, any time when the door is working, it could be opened as swing door whenever emergency situation happens, which guarantees maximized exit space
3) When the panel position is set back to original, this door will perform initial setting automatically to switch back to sliding door.
4) Built in sensor could connect to monitor system of building. Alarm delay system could prevent mis-operation
5)Swing out function ,allowing larger items and staffs to pass

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Hermetic Doors / Airtight Doors are necessary equipments which mainly used in the clean room with airtight requirement, such as the hospital operation department, purification ward, plain ward, ICU, laboratory, lazaretto ward, purification plant, pharmaceutical industries and so on. 

The main advantage of the hermetic door is airtight,sound-insulated,heat preservation,resistant compression,dust proof,fire protection,radiation protection,etc.

semi-auto sliding door system

– Sliding door opened manually, and then closed automatically
– No motor, no drive device, energy saving
– No door rail on a floor, so easy going in and out with bed and wheel chair
– Smooth and silent operation
– Adjustable operation speed
– Safe closing by damper brake system
– Easy assembling of the parts and easy changing of open direction of doors
– Any time Keep closing(as applicable, keep opening function)
– Suitable for frameless glass doors(10-12mm), or wooden doors.
– Suitable for hotels, offices and partitions.

Automatic door solutions

Swing door closer




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– Two stages speed controlling closing speed:180°-15°, latching speed: 15°-0°.
– Adjustable Closing / Latching Speed: The fastest closing in 3 seconds from 90°, slower the door closing above 40 seconds.
– 90° Hold open function
– Smooth and silent operation
– Buffer function: When open the doors and hit by fast closing, swing door closer will create buffer to avoid too much forces
– Any time Keep closing(as applicable, keep opening function)
– 45kg-110kg model for optional