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1. The product use with access controller.Suitable for: Wooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Glass Door and other kinds of doors.
2. Security type: Automatically unlock the door when power off.
3. Easy to install and operate.


   Magnetic Lock Wiring Instructions:



magnetic swing door locks

Magnetic Lock For Automatic Swing Doors


A. 12V DC Input
Required power 0.38Amp( Minimum ).
Connect the positive (+) lead from a 12V DC power source to blue wire.
Connect the ground (-) lead from a 12V DC power source to white wire.
Check jumper for 12V DC operation.

B.24V DC Input
Require power 0.19 Amp( minimum ).
Connect the positive (+) lead from a 24V DC power source to blue wire.
Connect the ground (+) lead from a 24V DC power source to white wire.
Check jumper for 24V DC operation.


magnetic door locks parameters


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Important: Please Read Before Attempting to Install Magnetic Lock
A.Handle the equipment with care, damaging the mating surfaces of the magnet or armature plate may reduce        locking efficiency.
B.The magnet mounts rigidly to the door frame, the armature plate mounts to the door with hardware. Kit                   provided that allows it to pivot about its center to compensate for door wear and misalignment.
C.Template use must take place with door in its normally closed position.
D.Before installing, please add thread locked to all screws. Firmly tighten screws to avoid fastening loosen.
Typical Installation
** Important: Fix the armature plate not too tightly, and make the rubber washer more flexible, in order to make the armature plate autonatically adjust its proper position with the magnet.
Mounting Instructions
•Fold template along dotted line.
•Place template against door and head frame.
•Drill holes as indicated on template.
•Mount  the armature plate to door using 1 rubber washer sandwiched between 2 steel washer( the rubber •washer and 2 steel washer are installed on the through sexnut between the armature plate and door ).
•Install the mounting plate
•Adjust the mounting plate so that it and the armatute plate form right angle.
▪Using the mounting plate as a template, drill the wire hole.
•Drill land install the remaining mounting screws.
•Install magnet to mounting plate with 2 M4(M6) screws supplied.
•Install electrical wiring per instruction sheet.
•Test all functions of this model( see wiring instruction )

   Magnetic Lock For Automatic Swing Doors Features: