1.Detection range 
Note: Please stand out of the delection range around 5s to ensure the sensor has enough time to finish the self-adjustment.
2.Delection Range  
MIN: 0.5*0.4M
MAX: 4*2M
Select different delection range by adjusting sensitivity kno
3.Adjustment of delection direction
( Adjust Direction of front and back/Left and Right flexibly )
Adjusting angle of Plain aeral to get different delection distance and range 30=15×2range 

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1.Initial setting is 45 degreed by factory.

2.All the parameters above are only for reference, detection height is 2.2M.

3.Detection range will be different because of the making material of door and ground, please adjust the

sensitivity by the knob meontioned above.

4.When it is adjusted to 60 degree, the detection range is the widest, door will keep on closed and open all the time.

Special Note
▪Position should be fixed tightedly to avoid vibrating.
▪Do not place into board or other material.
▪Moving object should be avoided.
▪Fluorescent should be avoided.
▪Do not touch directly, ESD Protection is necessary.

1.1.Please do the installation in the proper position. Installation height within 3.5m. Please arrange hole (Φ 3.2mm) on the installation module. And hole (Φ12m) for inselting guide line.
2.Please connect the signal cable with the terminal of automatic door.
Brown and Yellow cable: AC/DC12V-24V
Green and White cable: Signal output COM/NO
3.Take the outer cover off, and fix the screws.
4.Finish the cable connection and get on power.
5.Please set the detection range and disjunctor accordingly.
6.Cover with the lid.

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