•Technical measures: Active infrared ray of modulation and demodulation
•Detection mode: Truncation of infrared ray by foot operated to produce the open signal.
•Recommended installation height: 0.3 m height from the ground.
•Reaction time: relay output ≤45ms
•Supply power: AC/DC 12-36V
•Power consumption: 82mA
•Supervisory signal: 4.5S MA
•Signal direction: Indicator with red light when infrared ray emitted and received effectively. Indicator with green  light when the infrared ray truncated by foot operated.
•Operation temperature: -20ºC~+55ºC
•Interference immunity: Sunlight 81000LUX
•Incandescent lamp: 36000LUX
•Electric Microwave: Consist with 89/336/CEE criteria
•Appearance dimensions:
 123(L)×50(W)×32(H)mm ( Main controller)
 19mm×13mm(Electric eyes)
•Output signal: Relay NO signal contact
•Total Weight: About 1000G

This product adopts microcomputer control technology and international fine wiredrawing stainless steel design, with front hidden screw fixation and embedded thru-beam photocells. It is characterized by easy installation, stable performance, and strong anti-interference capability. It is suitable for automatic sliding doors, hermetic sliding doors, hospital operating rooms, laboratories, etc. Compared to common automatic door access control switches, it is more hygiene and safe.

Working principle:

* Tiptoe enter → the light beam will be cut off → signal is triggered → the door will open automatically → lock the door




Foot Sensor Switch For Automatic Doors

   Foot Sensor Switch General Introduction:


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1.Adopt infrared modulation and demodulation, never make interference signal
2. Easy operation, avoid contamination and keep hygiene and healthy
3. Low power consumption and long service life
4. High sensitivity, timely and accurate induction
5. Typical hidden emergency button, in case of induction failure, can press the emergency button to open automatic door
6.A wide range of power supply AC/DC 12~36V
7. Front hidden screw fixation

Foot sensor switch for door system