Turning on
After connecting the power cord, press the⊙key, the LCD displays the main interface and a long beep accompanies.
Note:The power supply for the Fingerprint Access Control / Attendance Time Clock must be DC 12V.
Access Menu
Press the (MENU) key to access the Menu to manage the data and set the menu.
Personnel management
In the menu, select(Enroll) and press the (OK) Button to access the menu; then, select USER or (Manager) to register the fingerprints, sensor card, and password.
The administrators include (Sup Manager) and (Geb Manager). They have different management authorties.
Function settings
In the menu,select (setup) and press the (OK) button to enter the setting menu. The (setup) menu consist of (System), (Lock Setting), (Communication) and (LOG SETUP).
Checking access records
On the menu, select (Glog View) and press the (OK) button to enter the menu. You can check the attendance timeand number of times.
System information
In the menu, select (System info) and press the (OK) button to enter the submenu. You can chech the registration information of system.
Attendance registration
Before attendance registration, press the F1~F4 button on the panel to switch the attendance state. The state displays in the upper left corner of the LCD. After validation, the device says "Thank you!" and the LCD displays "Fingerprint confirmed".




▪Before installing, please make sure that the power supply is cut off. The contact of power cord may damage the device if the installation and wire connection are performed when the power supply is connected.
▪As human body carries too much static electricity in autumn and winter, please connect the earth wire before  connecting other wires to avoid damaging the device because of too high instant static voltage.
▪The bare parts of all wiring terminals should be no longer than 5mm. It may cause short circuit and damage the  device if the bare wire is too long; in addition, to make it easy to recognize, please connect the terminals with  cables of different colors.
▪Please connect other cables before connecting the power cord, and then connect the power supply and test the  device. If the device can't work normally when the power supply is connected, please cut off the power supply  and then check the device.
▪If the power supply is too far away from the device, do not use the network cable to replace the power cord. The  voltage attenuation caused by long transmission distance should be considered when selecting power cord.
▪The warranty doesn't cover the damage of circuit, mainboard and fingerprint collector, and malfunction caused  by improper wiring.
▪The device should be installed at the height of 1.4-1.5m.
▪To test the access control function after installing, there should be people both inside and outside the door to  avoid failing to access normally in case of accident.


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Fingerprint Card Password Access Control

Fingerprint Card Password Access Control

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   Fingerprint Card Password Access Control Features:

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Managing the employees information and attendance records.Access control for automatic doors. Suitable for the entrance and exits of office, factory, hotel,  school, etc.




1.Adopting RS485 or TCP/IP carries out networking. USB flash drive upload/download is available.
2.Anti-dismantlement alarm, threatens alarm, unlock illegally alarm, not block alarm are available.
3.Fingerprint / Card / Password / Fingerprint + Card / Fingerprint + Password / Card + Password / Fingerprint +  Card + Password identification modes are available.
4.RIMS software for managing the user information and attendance records.