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   Access control keypad for automatic door system feature:



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*Convenient and secure method of controlling door entry
*Specific designed for office, housing, security system and building's access .

*It not only can work  by reading  card or password ,but also can connect to electric lock and automatic door opener 
*Open menthod:Card,password or both card and password. 
*Operation:Easy operation with sound and light instruction
*Press buttons or strip card to gain entry
*No need to issue keys or cards for every user

*Card adding or deleting in a flexible way    
*Accurate recording of arrivals and departures
*Real time monitoring of door access
*Intelligent access control   
*Can be Connected with Door-open Button and Doorbell.

*Tamper Switch can be Connected to Security Alarm System. 

*Open time: within 3S after entering password  

*1000 pcs card info can be stored

*Keypad Locks for 30 Seconds After 10 False Entries.


access control keypad for automatic door

Key Features of Automatic Doors RFID Access Control Keypad

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*Static current:<50mA  
*Electric lock action current:<1000mA
*Card reading distance:>10CM      
*Card reading distance:>10CM  
*Operation temperature:-30ºC-70ºC

*Relay N.O/N.C contact signal output.


Access control keypad for automatic door system




Package for access control keypad