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Automatic sliding door opener features:

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   Automatic door operator trouble shooting:
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Track with good strength, wear-resistant aluminum, can be simply cut. Height 12.5 cm, card slot height 7 cm, the standard track length of 2.1 meters, each automatic sliding door operator comes standard with two 2.1 m long track ( The two track buckle together for easy transportation).

Even in the wide place of the doorway, it can also on-site adjustment. With the appropriate size to 2.1 meters based unit length, in accordance with a single open, double open to configuration of different numbers. (Another 3 meters long track for optional, suitable for larger single-door use)


1. Extensive: 

The automatic sliding door opener can be applied to office buildings, stores, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, laboratories, hospitals and other occasions, to ensure maximum personnel walking and cargo transport unimpeded.
2. Reliability:

With the use of remote control, you can limit people access or out, you can exclude the worry about no one lock the doors
3. Security:

When the automatic sliding door is closing, in case of obstacles or abnormal conditions such as the human body, the door leaf can be reversed immediately to prevent the hurt someone or the event of damage to the automatic door motor and microcomputer. Ensure the safety of personnel access.
4. Wisdom:

During each open of automatic sliding door, the automatic door operator will have self-test program, the microcomputer controller will record the location of the last obstacle, when the door is closed in progress, near to the obstacle,the sliding door speed will slow down and it can be detected in advance to ensure safety.
5. Energy-saving:

Good quality design and production to ensure the flow of unimpeded, at the same time, excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, dust-proof effect to ensure that the building to reduce energy consumption.
6. Aesthetics:

In accordance with your request, the shape of the door, appearance, function design and adjustment to achieve excellent project.
7. Convenience:

A variety of functions allows you to choose normally open, automatic, one-way traffic and lock the door state; key-type parameter adjustment, so you can according to the specific circumstances of the door, easy to set and adjust the automatic sliing door’opening speed, closing speed, the time of keep opening, etc., always keep the door running smoothly and in good condition.
8. Serenity:

The use of lubrication measures, slow down institutions; professional design of the spreader wheel structure, greatly reducing the operating noise.

Spreader hanger:

110V/220V Automatic Door Operator

sliding glass door hanger


Door skake:
1. There may be something in the upper rail or lower rail
2. On the hanging wheel may has a foreign body embedded
Door opening and closing speed is too slow
1. The controller speed setting parameter is too slow
2. The belt is loose
3. Wheel and rail friction
4. The voltage is abnormal
5. The movable sliding door leaf and rail has a  friction with fixed door or floor.
Door closed collision
1.The speed is too fast
2. The voltage is abnormal
3. The accessories of motor power generation may be damaged
The automatic sliding door can not start
1. Sensor failure, check the sensor is  in normal condition
2. short circuit or open circuit
3. Belt off
4. The controller failure
5. The motor may overheat, to be able to return to normal after cooling
6. The foreign thing block the door
7. The voltage is abnormal
The automatic sliding door keep opening condition
1. Sensor failure
2. A moving object is in the sensing range
3. The door switch is abnormal

Notice: Please do not try to disassemble the automatic sliding door operator if you are not familiar with this automatic door operator. Please contact us or ask the professional in your local place.

Automatic sliding door

Transmission belt:

electric sliding door motor

The use of small size and low power DC brushless motor ( the long life and low noise compare with brush motor ), with deceleration of the transmission efficiency, low noise, high-speed gearbox system, and then drive the belt. The internal of the motor has security circuit device, even if the frequent opening and closing, but also to achieve long-term trouble-free operation. 
1. Using DC brushless DC24V65W motor.
2. Starting torque is powerful.
3. With the optical scale of the measurement function.
4. Has a stable rotation torque and speed.
5. Long service life, low operating noise.


Transform the motor module into the complex movement of the rotation. The use of strength, wear resistance, special materials, tooth-type timing belt, transmission efficiency, so that sliding door leaf can rely on computer-controlled settings in place.

automatic sliding door track

Microcomputer controller:

   The relevant technical parameters automatic door operator are as follows:

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Electric sliding door motor: 


WARRANTY: 24 Months

Receiving a detection signal from a sensor or other switch for driving the motor to control the sliding door body to move in a suitable manner. The controller itself comes with 12V, 24V power supply, do not have to use the transformer. Add security light, access control, external magnetic door locks, back-up power, two-door interlock and other ports to facilitate the use of the actual needs of customers.
1. The use of high-quality microcomputer processor control
2. Parameter adjustment is flexible and convenient
3. Can be easily connected with the access control system
4. Good efficiency of the loop control, low reactive loss
5. With overload protection device to avoid stalled wear

FOB PRICE: 320-600 USD

Automatic sliding door tail return pulley

PORT: Shanghai or Ningbo etc.

Automatic sliding door controller

SHIPPING: Worldwide by sea or by                    express delivery

The module belt is attached to tail pulley device, which is equipped with a mechanism to adjust the belt tension.

Tail pulley device:

1. High-quality structural design, so that the roller is always  running close to the track, load evenly, running smoothly
2. Door clearance, height can be adjusted when the door in hanging state, relying on the rotation of a bolt to adjust to facilitate. Easy adjustment
3. Equipped with anti-off device to prevent the door derailment
4. Nylon rollers with good strength
5. Good strength, single open can carry a weight of 150 kg of the door, double open can carry 120 kg * 2 door (indoor no wind pressure case), outdoor installation must consider the problem of wind pressure.
Also we can supply heavy duty automatic door operator. The loading weight is 200KG.

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