Our automatic swing door opener can change a normal door into a automatic swing door. Even metal door, glass door or wood door. Give people more convenient.

There are many types of electromagnetic door lock on the market. So, it's important to indentificate the quality of electromagnetic door lock.


 It's a automatic door opener for disabled people. It's very importan to have a handicap door operator in some public.

When you talk about automatic door with your friends. Most of them thinking the automatic door is the glass door we normally seen in the supermarket, shopping mall, etc.


Electromagentic door lock

These automatic door can be used in kitchen room, washroom, bedroom, dining room, etc. Make your house more welcome to your friends.

6 steps easy install electromagnetic door lock, 

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What is the different of 2 types automatic sliding door motor ?

Round shape brushless motor's pull force is better than square shape, but the door width size will be small

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Electromagentic door locks
Automatic bi-parting sliding door
swing gate opener
linear magnetic drive sliding door

Now with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like live with a security and convenient life. So the automatic swing gate opener become popular. Because it has many advantages as follow.


linear magnetic drive sliding door

As we know, people like beautiful things, and everone has a living house, we will face the house everyday, so we should design and  decorate it, make the house beautiful and comfortable.

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