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Here I will introduce some of our product magnetic linear drive sliding door and automatic swing door opener. They can contribute a lot to improve the house appearance




The automatic swing door opener can change a normal swing door into a automatic door. Smoth and low-noise running. Can be connected with different access control. Like push button, magnetic door lock, and microwave sensor, etc. 


As we know, people like beautiful things, and everone has a living house, we will face the house everyday, so we should design and  decorate it, make the house beautiful and comfortable. And the door as the face of the house, it is very important to have a beautiful and comfortable first.

Magnetic sliding door

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These automatic door can be used in kitchen room, washroom, bedroom, dining room, etc. Make your house more welcome to your friends.

The linear magnetic drive sliding door is a new automatic door drive device. Through the magnet and the coil attracts, the repulsion creates the impetus to push the door. As a result of a significant reduction in the action of the friction point, so the door opening and closing to achieve an unprecedented smooth and quiet. In this way the friction point is small, the noise is less than 40 decibels, resilience is lessthan 10N below. Magnetic levitation automatic doors, a professional used in home improvement, the hospital, office, etc. Ultra-safe, ultra clean, ultra-quiet safety automatic doors. A global leader automatic door, to enhance the level of the product as a high-grade automatic doors.

Home improvement with automatic door


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