The 8 advantages of automatic door.

The microcomputer control module compact design, high efficiency, high torque, self-locking, modular design...

Difference of automatic swing door and sliding door. According to the actual situation, from the width of the door, space constraints, environmental analysis and other aspects, to determine which way to open more suitable.

automatic doors
automatic sliding door operator
commerial automatic sliding door


automatic pocket door opener

Automatic sliding door malfunction analysis (2)

The door reaction slow: The sensor detection range is small, there are some dust on the sensor, the moving door leaf is heavy

Why we need automatic hadicap door for disable person? 

Aging is a part of life which could lead to limited mobility.If you want to ensure that your aging family members will experience ease and convenience when opening or closingdoor, then you need to choose the right door for disabled people.

Automatic door malfunction analysis (4)

Why automatic sliding door keep opening and closing all the time, can not stop? The sensor direction is too down, when the door is closing, the sensor detect the moving door or the sensor is shake

sliding door opener in supermarket

How to choose suitable swing gate opener

We cannot think of the best greeting to our house than a gate that reminds us of what’s important to our family inheritance and security. In addition to adding value to our property, swing gates also discourage solicitors from our doorstep. Thus, complete security is guaranteed.

swing gate
Automatic bi-parting sliding door

Why are automatic sliding door popular in supermarket?

Discover the reasons for popularity of automatic sliding door opener for supermarket use. You will be surprised of its qualities that set it apart from the others

The future development trend of automatic doors

We can see many automatic sliding doors in our life, such hotel door, office building, supermarket automatic door. Do you know the future development trend of automatic doors?

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Test before install automatic swing door

Please do some test before you install a automatic swing door opener. In case some time there are some problems after you complete the swing door opener.

sliding door opener
electric sliding door

Automatic sliding door malfunction analysis (1)

Why the door can not open or close, how to solve this problems

automatic hadicap door

6 advantages of wheel type swing gate opener. Applicable to different environment: the model can automatically adjust the operation to adapt slightly undulating ground, as long as a single people can dirve this gate.



Why automatic door opening and closing have noise. The wear between wheel and the rail, may be have some rust on the rail, or the connection part loose