Many family have a big gate for their house. The gate will give the first impression to the people who visit your house. So it's important to have a beautiful and automatic gate. Today i will introduce one of our product : wheel type automatic swing gate opener 




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Applicable to different environment: the model can automatically adjust the operation to adapt slightly undulating ground, as long as a single people can dirve this gate.
Scientific self-locking structure:company have developed a newly proprietary technolog for closed self-locking mechanism. which achieve driving, locking and emergency hand release in one mechanical intelligent product..then you do not make any addition mechanical and electronic locks.
The advanced controller system:with microcomputer intelligent, humane control, high stability, with adjustable function for delay self-closing door .stop automatically when blocked, close the door. Return the when blocked in opeing.
Friendly-using:single button to dirve the operation for single/ double gate.
Compatibility: automatic identification Interface with security systems, which can work with card reader, swipe card reader, video doorbell.
Adjustable opening angle: you can open the door to any angle without the limitations of the door itself.
Advanced security the gate motor with 24V DC voltage which are safety, energy conservation and efficient ,the gate anti-theft, tamper,anti-push after door closed and locked.

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6 advantages for wheel type swing gate opener