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electro-magnetic door locks

You need a emergency breakout automatic sliding door

When power failure most automatic sliding door motors are very hard to open by hand. People can't go out when the fire come. It may injuried by fire or push down by the hurrying people. 

Installation for automatic sliding door

How does the automatic door motor work

When people or some moveable project pass through the automatic door, the sensor will reaction, and send a singal to controller, then the controller will let the automatic door brushless motor work and drive the belt.

foot sensor switch
Electromagentic door lock

Difference of automatic framed and frameless sliding glass door.

Frameless glass door has lower cost and large opening. Framed glass door has higher production cost, it looks more sedate,magnificent, safe and reliable

automatic door motor

Install Caution of Microwave Sensor

When we talk about automatic door, you will think about supermarket automatic sensor sliding door. Do you know how to install the microwave sensor? 

electric swing door operator
sliding door opener
automatic pocket door opener
Maglev sliding door
automatic sliding door
Automatic bi-parting sliding door

Without extensive installation experience, there will be various problems during automatic door working, it is usually difficult to eliminate, and also difficult to guarantee the perfect after-sales service.


Some buying skill of automatic door, like budget, supplier choose, door types, etc.


Choose a right sliding door opener

Nowadays we can see automatic sliding door everywhere. Not only supermarket, airport and hotel, but also more and more shop owner and small company use automatic sliding doors for their main entrance. Do you know how to choose a right automatic sliding door opener?

It is the identification of the entry authorization. It's very important for not only for public place but also for limted place.

automatic sliding door malfunction analysis (1)

Why the door can not open or close, how to solve this problems

when the current through the silicon steel sheet, the electro-magnetic door lock will produce a strong suction tightly sucking adsorption iron plate to lock the door

automatic swing door

News and support

emergency open sliding door

What's the difference of automatic sliding and swing door?

Automatic sliding door can be used for various entrances. Automatic swing door can be installed on the basis of existing manually opened swing door

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Introduce something about automatic doors.

Automatic doors can bring substantial benefits to the business of most companies

6 steps easy install electromagnetic door lock, 


According to open and close style the automatic door can be divided into sliding doors, swing door, overlapping doors, folding doors, curved doors and revolving door.

The selection of automatic sensors has a great influence on the performance of automatic door.

automatic frameless sliding glass door


automatic sliding door operator

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Some time automatic door need use switch control rather than sensor control, because electrical components will damage when the door keep open for a long time

automatic sensor sliding door

Smart home need magnetic sliding door 

Nowadays with the development of living quality, smart home become a trends. More and more people like home automation in their houses. Such as  Amazon Echo, Google Home & Siri

automatic sliding door