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When choose automatic door also need consider the flow of people, the door leaf weight, height, etc


automatic sliding glass door
Commercial automatic swing door





Not only pre-sale service but also need after-sale service. We provide 24/7/365 on call for pre-sale and after-sale service. We have a engineer team with 10 years experience. We also provide 24 months warranty.


4. Compatibility of automatic doors


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2. Best service

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When choose automatic door should tell the supplier about the power voltage and what other extra part need to install like access control. Because some brand's automatic door do not have some function. Our LEADER Automatic Door almost meet the requirment about the extra need

Buying skill of automatic door


Automatic sliding door have various Brand. And different brand has different quality and price. Normally the well-known Brand is expensive and most of the quality is good enough. If you want buy a high quality with low price automatic sliding door, you can choose the manufacturer. Our Brand LEADER Automatic Door is one of leading automatic door systems manufacturer from China. We supply high quality automatic door like Dorma and GEZE but much cheap

1. The cost of the budget


3. Automatic door type selection

With the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human living standards, automatic door opener has been gradually more people understand and accept. When you need buy a automatic sliding door operator, there is some suggestion for you.