As the development of the living quality, more and more family looking for high quality life, they want their house be more comfortable. The home improvement is important. The door act as an important role, people want it elegent, luxurious  and stylish. So they design the slim aluminum profile sliding door in kitchen, bedroom, bath room, reading room, patio door and dining room. 

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Slim track automatic sliding door


magnetic sliding door operator
automatic sliding door opener residential

Only manual open is not enough, so they want it automatically open and close. But how to make it automatically for these slim track profile, also need make sure for residential use. Because most automatic sliding door is for commercial use. They are not safety and has big noise when using it.

Now our linear magnetic drive sliding door solve these problem, it has the advantages which normal automatic sliding door opener don't have.

1: compact size:46.4*50.5mm (Width*Height),

2: no belt and brushless motor drive so that less mechanism parts, thus no noise for home use.

3: It has push&go function, people can easily open by slightly push 2cm.

4: When the door hit something in the doorway. It has safety return fucntion. Safety and gentle for elder and children.

5: Smart home choice. Comapct with Google home and Amazon Alex.







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