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Now our linear magnetic drive sliding door opener solve these problems which conventional automatic sliding door openers can't used for residential. 
It has much more advantages than conventional automatic sliding door. Please check as follow:
1.Activation by Hand (Push & Go) : By lightly pushing the door in the open direction for 2cm, the door will gently and silently open. This is ideal for domestic and healthcare applications.
2.Safe & Gentle: When people or obstacle hit the door. The door will do reverse movement. Super safety for children and elders.
3.Emergency use: In case of a power failure, the door is free to open by hand without any resistance.
4.Compact size: The system is significantly smaller than conventional automatic sliding door operator. Size: 46.4*50.5mm (Wide*Height).
5.Less maintenance: Unlike traditional automatic sliding door drive unit. Linear magnetic drive system do not have pulleys, belts, arms and other mechanical elements, resulting in less maintenance.
6.No noise and dust: Without a belt drive system and other parts associated with friction, highly suitable in areas which are dust and noise sensitive. 
7.Keep full open: After the door full open, use hand press the door about 3 seconds, then door will keep full open. Then the door will like a normal door without automatically. if you want return to automatic mode, fully closed the door.
8. Cellphone control: Use cellphone app open and close the sliding door. Also can be easy to set parameter on cellphone.


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Magnetic sliding door for home automation

We can see doors everywhere, it's a necessary parts for each home. There are two main types of door, swing door and sliding door. With the development of living quality, more and more people use automatic door opener for their doors in home. In the past few years, the automatic swing door operator residential are widely used. But automatic sliding door opener are not widely used in residential area, because conventional automatic sliding door opener has big noise and big size, also not safety for elder and children.