Why need automatic door operator for your home

Do you think buy an automatic door operator is waste of your money and energy, then you are wrong. As a matter of fact, you would surely be thankful for having them in your property, especially if your family have a disabled person at home.

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Be careful for the second wave of COVID19

Now more and more people confirmed infection, it's better use automatic door in public area. When people near the door, it will automatically open and close. Not only automatic sliding door but also automatic swing doors.

Customer visit our factory again

Last week customer come to our factory again for linear magnetic drive sliding door system. They also aked their engineer come toghter to study our products for more cooperation in the future.

Canada customer visit our factory for magnetic door system
With the development of our factory, our product become popular, especially the new technology magnetic linear drive sliding door system. It will be a revolution for the traditional automatic sliding door. It attract more and more customer from all over the world. 

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Main performance of automatic swing door

As we get older, our body becomes frail to the point that simply opening a door by our self becomes a difficult task. On the other hand, it is possible for us to buy automatic door opener that can fit even wheelchairs and other deliveries.

How to choose a right swing door

Swing doors have been widely used in many building and homes. They can provide easy access from both directions. Aside from that, installing a swing door is very easy.


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Automatic swing door bring convenience to us

Swing door are widely used in most bulidings, it has much more application than sliding door.

Low noise automatic door system 

With the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human living standards, automatic door become popular. And they also want high quality without noise to make them uncomfortable. now our company have a solution - magnetic door systems

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New design magnetic sliding door

Our magnetic sliding door has developed more than 10 years by our engineers. Now it has more advantages. We use new design roller, not like old design ( rivet the roller on the moving aluminum rail ), the moving rail and roller is separate. So now it's more easy to assemble than our old design. 

Install a heavy duty magnetic sliding door

Recently we have a order for install 5200mm length and 2400mm heigh automatic sliding door. Customer compare our linear magnetic drive system with conventional automatic sliding door operator. They think our system are more suitable for their project. Because our system are more safety, lower noise and less maintenance. Then they choose our company to make their project.  

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20 sets magnetic sliding door sold to Netherland

Today we have send out 20sets linear magnetic drvie automatic sliding door openers to our Netherland customer. This customer already bought about 50 sets after first sample at January,2018. 

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Automatic bi-parting sliding door
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Art is attractive, people like pursue it all the time. From ancient to modern the idea of the buliding from the door is continue.

Why automatic door not working smothly?

Automatic door become popular in modern city, even in private home. People are more likely to use automatic doors. but some times the automatic doors will not working smothly. Today we will introduce one of the problems: There is too much resistance to running the door leaf.

What are the main performance of the automatic swing door?

Automatic swing door currently popular used for home, commercial and office areas. Here to tell you about the main features of our automatic swing door operator.

Many customers have the confusion about noise problems after install automatic doors 2-5 years after. What is the cause of this problem? LEADER automatic door's engineer with 10 years experience summarizes for you the following points, hoping to help you!

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Automatic sliding door become widely used

If manual sliding door become automation, it will bring more convenience for people using it. Because now people like Fast-paced life, automatic sliding doors can save more time for the hurry people. also can help hadicap people pass through the door easier. 

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Customer visit our factory

Recently one of our customer from Turkey visit our maglev door system factory. Our branch factory mainly for linear magnetic drive sliding door systems. They are very interested in our system, and spend a whole day to discuss with us. Also they try to assemble it themself

Choose suitable loading weight operator, push and go function, commerial or residential, can be manual opened, change normal door into automatic door, etc


Use 3D laser scanner that can scans more than a million points in a second simultaneously determine the direction

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Do you ever teach your children safety knowledge about how to pass through automatic door? It's important to tell them advance.

Advantage of magnetic drive sliding door

Magnetic sliding door is a  new technology automatic sliding door opener with LMD ( Linear magnetic drive ) technology, same like maglev train. More and more people will love it, because it have much more advantages which conventional automatic sliding door operators do not have:


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