2, Some of the metal connector has a loose phenomenon, just re-reinforcement.
3, The lower part of the guidance system damage, will also cause noise phenomenon.
4, Due to friction of moving sliding door leaf and fixed door leaf will cause noise.
5, In the initial the frame construction did not do a good job, or with the upper part of the ceiling had a resonance phenomenon.
6, Pulley material selection, Normally the hard material pulley's sound will be larger, the soft pulleys will be relatively small.


7, Track have bumps place.
8, The door is too heavy.

9, Belt installation is too loose or long time use has been relaxed, and friction with other parts.

10, There are screws of the engine device loose.
11, The micro-computer controller do not working smoothly.

12, The speed parameter is adjusted too high, resulting in running too fast.


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1,Because there is a certain wear and tear for the door wheel when used for several years, if there is only a slight wear and tear, you can clean the track and wheel, you can also add grease oil on the wheel bearings, but can not add oil on the Rail and plastic wheels , because it's easy to suck dust after oiling, will make damage to the wheel faster.

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Why automatic door have noise when operation?

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For the different situation, different products, the specific detection and analysis, so ultimately determine the reasons for automatic door noise.
Above these situation, only for reference.


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Many customers have the confusion about noise problems after install automatic doors 2-5 years after. What is the cause of this problem? LEADER automatic door's engineer with 10 years experience summarizes for you the following points, hoping to help you!