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When your children want to pass through the sliding door along, you should tell them stop near the door when the automatic sliding door is closing, do not try to pass. After the door open again, then pass through.


So, It's important for parents to teach and tell your children how to correctly access the automatic door advance.

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Normally the automatic door have combined radar activation and infrared safety sensor to protect people from injury by the door. But normal the sensor is installed in the top or middle place. May can not detect the little kids, because they are not high enough to action the sensor, this may have accident and injury them.


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How to pass through automatic door safety for children




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When pass through automatic sliding door, parents should access with children together, make sure they are in front you.

Also you should tell your children, do not touch the moving sliding glass door, it may clamp their finger into the gap of the moving sliding glass door leaf and fixed door leaf.


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When you go to supermarket or shopping mall with your little child, parents should not only teach their children they should hold the handrail of the elevator, but also teach them how to pass though the automatic door. Regardless of automatic sliding door or revolving door, there are some risk for children to pass through by themself.

Do you ever teach your children safety knowledge about how to pass through automatic door ?


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