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Also our LEADER automatic swing door can change ordinary swing door into automatic swing doors
automatic swing door

How to choose suitable automatic swing door ?



With the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human living standards, automatic swing door has gradually been more awareness and acceptance. Correspondingly, the automatic doors market development very fast. Automatic door brands are numerous, there are various types. How to choose their really needs for automatic swing door ? Here are some suggestion, hope to help you.


​If the flow is not large, but the doors withd require a larger, such as car dealers, so you should choose heavy duty operator, Our LEADER heavy duty Model SW200 automatic swing door operator  can meet this requiryment, so as to ensure that the door machine speed is not too slow. Also SW200 electric swing door opener have half open function,  when no car or large items in the daily access, and fewer pedestrians, the door can open half opening to prevent the door heating or cooling air loss. If people flow less, openings in general, and less investment budget, such as offices, offices, you can choose the ordinary low price of the automatic swing door opener SW100 Model . In general, these door can also be trouble-free use.





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If a large flow of people every day and large openings, such as shopping malls, airports , so choose the perfect of door operator is very important, so as not to lead door machine failure , To the customer great inconvenience, affecting customer impressions. Our LEADER brand automatic swing door opener can be used in these situations. for commercial and residential . Because the automatic swing door operator have push & go function, Manually open when power off. Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during door opening/closing, which prevents the clamp injury or damage of the door itself. 

At last, you should also choose good after sevice company. LEADER Automatic Door provide 24 months warranty. During these period we will send free spare parts if it is not human factors

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