1. The working parameters, such as opening/closing speed, hold open time, opening/closing angle etc. could be adjusted on the controller directly. It doesn't need a special tools any more.

2. Modular design, maintenance-free construction, easy installation and replacement.

3.Adjustable closing speeds allow a motorized door to close sooner for energy savings or slower for increased pedestrian safety.

4. 24VDC 50W brushless motor, the motor transmission is simple and stable. The electric magnetic lock and access control accessories could be connected to the controller directly. It doesn't need separate 12V power supply.

5. Safety anti-clip function: Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during door opening/closing, which prevents the clamp injury or damage of the door itself. 

6. Push and go function: No need to push with force, turn K3 up to choose this function. This is very important for large
crowds in public.

7. Manually open when power off. Optional backup battery can ensure the normal operation in case of power failure.

8.Accessories can be connected to swing door operator directly.

9. It has passed CE and ISO certificates. We provide 2 year gurantee. During the warranty period, we'll send replacement parts for free if the problem belongs to us.

Notice: the opener can only work properly after mounted on the swing door. Because it needs to find a closing position first. The motor will just keep rotatin slowly if you test it without mounting on the door.

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   Feature of automatic swing door operator:


The frame is aluminum alloy material, transmission structure is reasonable, reliable, and for long time use. The automatic swing door operator suitable for banks, hotels, office buildings, personal house, hospital and other major entrances.
Powerful intelligent control
Intelligent microcomputer control chip with high performance and fast response.
It has intelligent and protective devices. Automatic door control unit using built-in microcomputer chipset, its own precise control of opening and closing speed, power, opening time, maintain the best running condition for a long time.
Unique perfect direct drive motor
International direct drive motor, precision gear box with worm gear structure, with a strong driving force, long life, reliable and durable, quiet operation and so on.
Safety and Anti-Barrier Design for automatic swing door operator
Optional safety sensor device, eliminating hidden dangers for the pinch and hurt to people , even if someone push or pull the automatic swing doors, there will not disorder the program . When the door is closed, if it hit an obstacle the door will bounce back.
Design of Humanized Precise Debugging for electric swing door operator
Only rotate the control unit of the control device, you can precisely control the automatic swing door opening and closing speed, power and opening time. The debugging process is convenient. The debugging method is simple and easy to understand so that easily control various functions.
Extended excellent access control functions
Excellent access control function, through the remote control adapter  can control the electric swing door for normally open, locked, automatic operation and other state of operation, and also can be optional choose the other access controller, easy achieve access control, network attendance, security monitoring and so on. For its intelligent function
Quiet design
Through the continuous optimization of the transmission module design, the formation of precision structure, doors will run more easy, sliding sound more minor.
Energy saving and environmental design
Open sensitive, close fast. The air flow from indoor and outdoor  can be reduced, maintain the temperature constantly , save the cost of heating and cooling, two-door interlock function, to achieve clean environmental requirements for indoor.


LEAD TIME: 1-5 Days

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MODEL: Swing Door Openers SW-100



automatic door package


pull arm size automatic door size

   Electric swing door operator:


Automatic swing door opener installation dimension
automatic swing door arm
pull arm automatic swing door operator
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commercial automatic swing door opener

FOB PRICE: 250-350 USD


   Working procedures 

Relate product

automatic swing door motor

It suitable for various situations, ranging from residential access to high traffic commercial entrances, such as hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, banks, hotels and restaurants, etc. Also it can be used as handicap swing door.

swing door push arm size
Door style
Single leaf/Double leaf
Open angle
Max.120 degree 
Door width
Door leaf weight
Opening time
Closing time
Hold open time
Power supply
AC110V/220V, 50Hz-60Hz 
Brushless motor
24VDC , 50W
Manual force
less than 30N 
Operation noise
less than 55db
Ambient temperature

handicap automatic door openers

Choose push arm: Door leaf open toward outside ( operator is inside )


WARRANTY: 24 Months

PORT: Shanghai or Ningbo etc.

electric swing door opener, residential and commercial


Activated by the signals from external control device→unlock→open→buffer action&stop→hold open→close→buffer action&stop→lock

Choose pull arm: Door leaf open toward inside ( operator is inside )




SW100 leader automatic swing door operators is 120 degree electric swing door opener with bearing load max.100kgs. With multi-function design, encoding technology, and multiple connection terminals for different access controll devices. The automatic swing door motor have passed 2 million-cycle durability tests before package to make sure its excellent reliablity. It is much more advanced in smooth and stable operation than the normal electric swing door models.

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