Automatic door for commerical building

For a commercial building, the design and development structure is very important. Automatic doors are definitely a must for commercial buildings. It can give you lot of benefits and advantages. When you want a automatic door for your commercial buildings, there are some things that you should consider.

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4 safety knowledge prevent accident by automatic door

It should include the right kind sign, sensor, emergency buttons and most important is daily inspection for the automatic door. Safety rules for automatic doors should be strictly practiced to prevent injury to passing people


Restaurant automatic door opener

Automatic door openers application in the restaurants is definitely helpful especially for those who are just starting in the business. Automatic door operators will help you in making your doors attractive for the benefit of your customers. 

Auto sliding door system
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Automatic bi-parting sliding door

Why automatic door cannot open and close properly? There are two situations. One is the door re-open when closing the door a little. The other is the sliding door keep opening or closing.

Automatic sliding door area

What can automatic doors do when power failure? Emergency breakout automatic doors can be pushed open to avoid accidents. And all the doors can be opened with more space for people go out



Which place need to install magnetic sliding door

With a compact structure, unique and smart design, reliable performance, the operation of small voice and other characteristics, eliminating the noise pollution, effectively keep the indoor environment quiet and comfortable

11 maintenance suggestion for automatic sliding door operator

As we know machine need to regularly maintenance for a long time use. Also we can find the problems before machine malfunction.

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Sensor blind area of automatic sliding door

Normally the automatic door sensor have a blind area. For safety, it is better install a safety beam to prevent the task of injury people.


You can get any automatic door and gate from LEADER

One of the Chinese leading developers and manufacturers for automatic doors, and safety technology. We engaged in design, production, sales and installation of automatic doors system.

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The future trend of automatic door

In this era of intense competition in the market, all kinds of industries have a challenge. Therefore, automatic door manufacturer are also facing some reform, which must go to the professional, large-scale, innovative direction.

 How to maintenance electric sliding gate operator

After you install a automatic sliding gate operator on your house. you should consider the regular maintenance job for keep a long time using.

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Why need regularly clean for automatic door?

Normally, every automatic door must be cleaned and maintained in order for it working properly. It is essential that you clean and maintain your automatic doors so that longer use than it should be. Also, proper cleaning of the door and its surrounding will help reduce the risk of accidents and malfunctions.

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