4 features of glass door

Nowadays automatic doors of more and more widely used, we can see automatic glass door everywhere. Why glass door so popular? I think most important is that the glass door have a good appearance. But the glass door also have other features.

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Automatic bi-parting sliding door

You need automatic gate for your house

The design of electric swing gate operator is stylish, giving your house a veneer of luxury, and will protect your family, as well as any pets you’d like to keep safe in your yard.


Change your business building with automatic door 

In these modern days, most people more likely visit some places with automatic door. These door types are used in most commercial establishments such as bookstores, supermarket, retail outlets, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, hospital, and other business places etc. 

Some install suggestion of automatic revolving door

When you install automatic revolving doors. There are still many installation suggestion except for the details of the problem.It is necessary to understand the consideration of installation, you can not only manage the revolving door, but also eliminate some security risks.

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revolving door

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Accessories for automatic sliding doors

Nowadays automatic doors of more and more widely used,  in the past most of automatic door is applied in public, now more and more used in the household, easy access to the biggest reason for automatic doors become popular, what are the accessories for automatic sliding door?

bookstore automatic door

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4 features of hermetic doors

It non-contact open way to make it a special place for the entrance of the first choice, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Why automatic swing door become popular in western country?

Nowadays automatic swing door is very popular in Western country due to its convenience. This is because the fact that they could be opened and closed automatically even when they don’t have a doorknob.

Introduce something of automatic door

Doors can now be upgraded and improved with the use of new technology today. It can make work more efficiency and productive. With this automatic door opener, doors can now be automatically opened and closed. 

electric sliding door systems
automatic gate mechanism

The advantage of magnetic sliding door technology

LEADER magnetic sliding door mechanism is a compact and elegant automatic door operator specifically designed for internal sliding doors commonly used in hotels, offices, private homes, care homes, hospitals and other types of buildings.

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Automatic sliding doors become popular at home

With less effort people can leave and enter your home or somewhere quickly. The benefit of using type of door opener is that it exceeds the expectations of users. This is also because of the easy and fast navigation and fast action.

Choose a right automatic gate opener for factory

There are very many choices in the market these days, but not all of these parts are the same in quality and technology. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right and brand of part that will surely improve the performance and usability of the sliding gate for factory.

Difference of low and full energy automatic swing door ?

Nowadays, with the improvement of living quality. People trend to live a easy life. So automatic swing door become popular in theire daily life. There are many brands of automatic swing door opener in world market. And swing door operator can be used as low energy and full energy.