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4 features of glass door

1. The border junction is secure

Glass door plank and metal frame article generally installed collision combination, can make glass more stable, avoid appear due to collision shatter of glass, and glass door manufacturers now used by the earthquake are generally more environmentally friendly.

2. The frame material is very strong
In use of upper and lower orbit glass door frame is usually some technology with higher levels of aviation materials processing, and it is of very high hardness and toughness, forming easily, and the corrosion resistant ability is good.

3. Good sealing effect
Because the part of the wheel in the bottom of a door sealing function to a certain extent, so the space where the two overlap is very small, and the installation of the special sealing strip, can effectively prevent the dust into the inside.

4. Advanced materials and environmental protection
When products are adopted by the environmental protection act the role of board, through the use of advanced production processing technology, to move the door in the high temperature resistance, wear resistance and resistance to acid and alkali of more excellent performance.

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