Nowadays automatic swing door is very popular in Western country due to its convenience. This is because the fact that they could be opened and closed automatically even when they don’t have a doorknob. Every time a person pushes the swing door to go inside or outside the door swings and then returns back to its former position to close instantly and automatically.
Swinging doors which come in comprehensive size are frequently utilized in restaurants in Western country due to the fact that have the capability to separate two spaces like the dining room and the kitchen. These electric swing doors make it simple for the waiters to go inside and outside of the kitchen to get and serve the order. They don’t need to stop and the turn the doorknob. This assists a lot once they are carrying food. What is more, they could keep away the sounds of the dining area from coming inside the kitchen and vice-versa.

Swing doors opener are popularly seen in many hospitals in Western countries as well. They could be found in areas where access is limited to the personnel who are authorized. These take account of OR, entrance of wards, as well as other open places. Such doors also work as a buffer in order to avoid noise from coming inside. They enable movement of gurney from one section to another and just like in restaurants swing doors in hospital lessen the amount of time required open and close the door. The extra time saved in closing and opening the door could be utilized in treating the patients.
Automatic swinging doors could also come in handy at Western country homes. They could work as a separator between the dining room and the kitchen. This kind of door, utilized as an entry to the pantry, could make it easier to have access to its contents. To put in some class to a space swing doors that which have a French style could be utilized. 






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Why automatic swing door become popular in western country