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Check working condition of automatic door

In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of automatic sliding door, the management personnel need to carry out the necessary operation inspection to the automatic door

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Safety precautions for using automatic door

Automatic doors are become popular in our life, we can see them everywhere, they give people a lot of convenient. But sometimes if people do not use it in a safety way, this may be some problems. 

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The components of automatic revolving door

Automatic revolving doors constitute outline border of revolving door with a fixed frame, hat head, affixed to the wrapping, wall glass. Middle booth and door leaf for the rotating part.

What is telescopic automatic sliding door

Offer convenience, space-saving benefits, and improved accessibility, making them popular choices for modern building entrances and interior spaces.

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Automatic bi-parting sliding door


Telesopic automatic sliding doors


Some install suggestion of automatic revolving door

When you install automatic revolving doors. There are still many installation suggestion except for the details of the problem.It is necessary to understand the consideration of installation, you can not only manage the revolving door, but also eliminate some security risks.

Repair and maintenance for automatic revolving door

As more and more people begin to choose automatic revolving door, the door problems are more and more. Because the structure of the automatic revolving door is very complex so the repair and maintenance maybe a little difficult 


The advantages of 2 wings automatic revolving doors

They are ideal for locations with high traffic, especially of shoppers, and for the crutch or wheelchair-bound. Two wings automatic revolving door was an unique revolving door with ” 3 in 1 function ” which included Revolving door +Sliding door+ Balanced door

Frame sliding door opener

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How to reduce noise for automatic sliding door 

The proper maintenance and cleaning of your automatic sliding door will ensure its safe operation and performance and it will also ensure an extended life of it.

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Features of automatic revolving door

In many hotels, supermarket, we can see automatic revolving doors as their face. Because not only they have good appearance, but also have different features.

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Choose right parts for automatic sliding door

Now, because there are many kinds of automatic sliding doors produced in the market, consumers must have some knowledge in the process of purchasing or install.

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Development history of revolving door

The automatic revolving door gathers the advantages of various kinds of doors, its capacious and high-style design creates a luxurious atmosphere, which is the finishing touch of the building.The automatic revolving door enhances the wind resistance, reduces air conditioning energy consumption, is the best choice to isolate air flow and energy saving.

Opening width of automatic door

Different automatic doors can have different opening widths. In other words, different environments require different opening widths.

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