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A telescopic automatic sliding door is a type of sliding door system commonly used in various buildings such as offices, shopping malls, airports, and hospitals. It consists of multiple sliding door panels that open and close automatically in a telescopic manner.

Opening width of automatic door


Telescoppic automatic sliding door systems

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Here's how a telescopic automatic sliding door typically works:

Multiple Panels: Unlike traditional sliding doors that have one or two panels, telescopic doors have multiple panels. These panels are narrower and overlap each other when the door is in the closed position.

Automatic Operation: Telescopic automatic sliding doors are equipped with an automatic door operator system. This system includes sensors that detect motion, presence, or approach of individuals near the door. When someone approaches the door, the sensors trigger the door to open automatically.

Telescopic Movement: When the door opens, the panels move apart in a telescopic manner, with each panel sliding behind or in front of the adjacent panel as they open. This allows for a larger opening width compared to single or bi-parting sliding doors, making telescopic doors ideal for spaces with limited clearance on either side of the door.

Safety Features: Automatic sliding doors are designed with various safety features to prevent accidents. These may include presence sensors to detect obstructions in the door's path, as well as safety beams or curtains to stop the door's movement if someone or something interrupts the infrared beam.

Controls: Telescopic automatic sliding doors can be controlled using various methods, including push-button switches, motion sensors, keycard readers, or remote controls. These controls allow users to activate the door's opening mechanism according to their needs.

Overall, telescopic automatic sliding doors offer convenience, space-saving benefits, and improved accessibility, making them popular choices for modern building entrances and interior spaces.


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