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In Italy, at the 1920s, the two wings revolving door was designed to swing in both directions. Later, a Swedish automatic revolving door manufacturer introduced a new two-wing automatic revolving door that added motors and booths to the original design.There was also a three-wing revolving door and a four-wing revolving door.The three-wing revolving door is very common in the airport and the hotel. The smaller door is suitable for hand luggage. The revolving door with a diameter of 4.2 ~ 5.4 m is more convenient for the entrance and exit of the luggage cart.The four-wing revolving door is more efficient and the flow of people is larger.A four-winged revolving door with a diameter of 2m at a speed of 10r/min, people can pass 10X4X60 = 2400 per hour on a normal walking speed.The four-wing revolving door is the most widely used in office buildings and hotels.The five-wing revolving door has not been developed so far and there is no market for it.Two special USES are proposed in the original patent: one is the door body can move to the side;The other one is "out of doors" ring strong.These designs were popular even before today's foldable doors were popular.Of door mobile side and folding in one door, the revolving door direct open sex increased by almost 50%, in order to ensure the building fire, revolving door still as quick access to in and out of the building, ensure a dangerous condition can escape from the building, designed to be folded, the doors of revolving door make compression, the doors of each individual can rotate in the opposite direction to loosen or rotate an Angle, forming channel.Many countries or regions in the world have put this performance requirement on safety regulations.

In the 1940s, revolving doors increased speed control, allowing the door's speed to be controlled as required.With the development of industrialization, automation, all kinds of automatic revolving door, have the identification card reader to the safety performance of the revolving doors, automatic doors of sensors with various security protection and many special purpose have joined the original manual revolving door four wing door series, make its continuous development, is the automatic revolving door.

The development of the automatic door is not only because of the noise and dust proof performance, it is important thing its energy saving, the characteristics of the American society of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning engineers in the United States institute of conclusion is obtained: automatic revolving door entrance is the most cost-effective building entrance.With a common revolving door with a common diameter of 2m and a height of 2.1m, the air circulation of only 1.7 cubic metres per pass is generated.Since the heat exchange of air is very small, the energy saving performance of the automatic revolving door is very good.

Development history of revolving door



The automatic revolving door gathers the advantages of various kinds of doors, its capacious and high-style design creates a luxurious atmosphere, which is the finishing touch of the building.The automatic revolving door enhances the wind resistance, reduces air conditioning energy consumption, is the best choice to isolate air flow and energy saving.



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