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Check working condition of automatic door


1. The personnel shall move from the outside door or inside the door to the induction automatic door with normal speed, the automatic doors should be opened automatically, and the motions of the automatic doors should be smooth and without collision.When the induction automatic door is opened, the personnel will pass the automatic door at the speed of about 150mm to 200mm per second, and the induction automatic door should remain open.

2, When people left after automatic door sensors induction area, after the delay 1 to 10 seconds (the length can be set by automatic door switch parameters), will be automatically closed, automatic sliding doors should be smooth and no collision occurs;

3. The observation personnel normally adopt the walking route of the automatic door, and the daily walking route needs to be adjusted to the automatic door, rather than the direction of the angle;

4. When moving to the automatic sliding door, the sensor's detect area should be greater than the width of the door.

5, If automatic sensor doors installed auxiliary light sensors (infrared correlation protection device), when the door is open, people stood still, with the hand keep out auxiliary light sensors, door should remain open.The door should be closed for a few seconds after the hand has left.

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In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of automatic sliding door, the management personnel need to carry out the necessary operation inspection to the automatic door