1. Please pass the automatic door according to the order. Please do not force through the automatic door when the door is closing or when the door is closed. The automatic door will be passed when the door opens for more than one person.

2. Do not jam automatic doors, impact automatic doors, or damage automatic doors and doors with external forces.

3. Children who are below 1.2m in height, and disabled persons and disabled persons, please pass the automatic door with the help of the guardian, otherwise the consequences will be vain.

4. Please do not stay in the automatic door for a long time, and do not have any obstacles in the doorway.

5. When the automatic door is automatically induced, please do not linger in the induction zone and within the automatic mouth.

6. When the power is out, the automatic door doors can be pushed aside. When the automatic door fails, please turn off the automatic doors and push the automatic door doors manually.

7. The movable glass door to be labeled with the eye-catching mark (e.g. company name, company logo, etc.) to avoid the personnel to impact the automatic door glass

Automatic door are become popular in our life, we can see them everywhere, they give people a lot of convenient. But sometimes if people do not use it in a safety way, this may be some problems. Today we will introduce some safety precaution for using automatic sliding door.






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Safety precautions for using automatic door

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