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automatic revolving door mechanism

1. It has self-checking function of fault.

2. There are a variety of work modes to choose from. You can read the card limit in two directions, or one site read the card, and other side no passage or free passage.

3. With two-way free access when power failure, the automatic recovery and locking function of the power supply will be automatically restored, so that the evacuation can be quickly organized in case of emergency.

4. Adopt unique automatic revolving door system to make it more accurate and reliable in zero position locking and walking.

5. It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing devices to facilitate system integration, and can realize remote control and management through the management of computer.

6. Automatic reset function. When the effective card is read, the system will automatically rotate the door to stop when the time limit is not used, and the time limit can be set by the manager.

7. The whole system runs smoothly and noiseless.

electric swing door opener

Automatic door are become popular in our life, we can see them everywhere, do you know the feature of automatic revolving door? Today we will introduce 7 features of automatic revolving door.

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Features of automatic revolving door



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