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Repair and maintenance for automatic revolving door

Automatic revolving door system configuration is in accordance with the requirements for equipped with the installation, including the signal to open the door, the entrance guard system, centralized control, safety device and other parts, each part is responsible for the respective tasks.To conduct revolving door repair and maintenance according to the characteristics of buildings.Generally speaking, in order to repair and maintain, the material of door is not to use stainless steel or aluminium material as doorpost, door beam and so on exterior adornment. Marble is commonly used as the decorative side of the door, thus saving a lot of space in maintenance.

In the maintenance of the automatic revolving door, every time you need to do is open and close the door , carefully observe whether the revolving door has a threshold scratch, or not flexible.Whether there are signs of looseness between the leaves of the door, whether there are any signs of corrosion between the devices.If there are no more problems, then you can clean the revolving door directly.Do not allow too much dust, this will cause a certain effect to the door, serious still can destroy the door to use.

After cleaning the outside, you need to check the inside of the door.The procedure is similar when servicing a revolving door. The box of the revolving door is to be cleaned up for a while, which can prolong the service life of the machine box. It is important to note that before repair or maintenance of the revolving door, it should be without power, which can put an end to some security risks.The above work is to be able to extend the service life of the whole door.


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As more and more people begin to choose automatic revolving door, the door problems are more and more. The automatic revolving door repair and maintenance maybe a little difficult because the structure of the automatic revolving door is very complex. Today we will introduce some of the methods of revolving door repair and maintenance.


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