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12. Something about revolving door

Revolving door are very popular in our life, it is not only beautiful but also very practical, so it was so much recognition

The automatic swing door is controlled by the electromechanical automatic control, DC motor drive, with spring-closing and motor closing type optional, built-in microprocessor control unit, with self-diagnosis and continuous checking function of all states of the door

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10. 7 maintenance methods for the automatic door

As we know, machine like our human, they need do reguarly repair and maintenance job, if ignore these jobs, machine will working in wrong way. 

15. Will automatic door open for the pets?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, automatic doors not only convenient for us, but also for the cats and dogs which automatically open the door for them, what is the reason for it?

automatic pets door

When a moving object close to  the door, The door is automatically opened and closed. This is So-called automatic door. And how automatic sliding door work?

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automatic glass door

When you choose automatic swing door operator, should consider the parameter such as the loading weight, door width. Push arm or pull arm.

Automatic bi-parting sliding door


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Access control is a digital intelligent management system for control people access or out. Safety and convenient, easy install


6. Development of automatic door and window

In morden times, we can see automatic door and window everywhere, it will be more intelligent and personalized in the future.

13. Automatic door maintenance in winter

Winter is coming, we need to enhance maintenance for all kinds of automatic door, so we can make the automatic doors running in good condition.

9. How to solve automatic door can not open or close?

Normallly automatic door will open and clsoe in good condition, but sometimes if installation or some other reasons may cause automatic sliding door failure to use. 

7. Classification of glass

Nowadays, people are more likely use the glass for their projects. We can see it everywhere. home, office buliding, supermarket, etc. Do you know the classification of the glass?

automatic swing door

8. Running check for automatic sliding door

In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the automatic sliding doors, the user or the automatic door management personnel need to carry out the necessary daily running check.

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14. Daily cleaning of automatic revolving door

We always see the office building automatic glass door smooth as new one. Here I will share you daily cleaning of crystal revolving door.

There are 7 suggestions for using automatic sliding door. Advice for avoid injury people. Keep electric sliding door operator in good working condition

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