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Think about it, sometimes we forget to close the window, we are in trouble when it is windy and rainy. Is there any way to make the Windows of your home smart and come across special situations? The intelligent window control system consists of various sensors, alarm terminals, remote sensors and mechanical transmission devices, which can not only control the wind and rain to control the Windows, but also act as the security guards of the home. In addition, after the launch safety warning device, as long as someone close, the door will automatically shut down, and loud sounds and flashing alarm, at the same time, the alarm information sent to the host's cell phone or small area public security. The home installs such a set of intelligent door window control system, it will be a lot of comfortable.


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In modern times, the development of automatic door and window are accompanied by the high tide of market economy and the improvement of people's living standard. The ratio of doors and windows in bedroom area,  the technological content of products, the required service level will be more and more high, specialization is the inevitable trend, so as to meet the functional requirements, and this is only the basic level, is not enough. With the accumulation of the cultural connotation of doors and windows, people pour more feelings on doors and Windows, making doors and windows more important in the living environment and even in architectural art. It is possible to establish the self-identity through doors and Windows, so the intelligent and personalized development of door and window products becomes inevitable.





Development of door and window: intelligent and personalized 


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