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Type of access control systems

access keypad for automatic door

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The concept of the original access control system has long time been in our lives. For example: each of our families are equipped with doors and locks, their home with the key, the family came back, without shouting door, directly into the door with the key. Outside the people to visit, the house owner to hear the sound of knocking at the door, knowing that someone visited, and asked: "Who are you?" Outside people replied: "I am xxx !" Inside will according to the voice and past experience open the door or not. This is an original concept of access control. The Great Wall of China is the largest ancient Chinese access control system.

Foot sensor for automatic door

Introduce for access control systems

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Access control, also known as access control management system, entrances management system, is a digital intelligent management system for control people access or out.




What is access control



Our LEADER automatic door systems have different kinds of access control. Like push button, wireless press switch, foot sensor, handwave sensor, remote control, finger print, access keypad, etc. Also do not forget electric or electromagnetic door lock , this accessory is very important for the access control system, because if do not have this door lock, people can easy open the door by hand.