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When a moving object close to  the door, The door is automatically opened and closed. This is So-called 

automatic door. Now automatic sliding door is more and more widely used in commercial and residential like hotels, hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., Now we will talk about something about how to choose and decide the demension of the automatic sliding door.


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How to choose automatic sliding door demension

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Different brand or model has different loading weight. Like our LEADER automatic sliding door have 4 kinds model. The loading weight is 125kg 155kg 195kg 200kg. Normally the more heavy of the door leaf the moving speed of the door is more slow, also the service life of the automatic sliding door operator is more shortly.

And some of the company want to give the beautiful project to their customer, without consider automatic sliding door operator performance, So that the results of a lot of problems when the automatic sliding door is in using.



Plan two:

Design the fixed door leaf width about 1.1M. The movable door leaf about 0.9M. And install two spring door near the two fixed door leaf. This can make the door more practical and beautiful.



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Another problem for this project is that such heavy movable door leafs will exceed automatic  sliding door operator loading weight standard. So it will influences the door speed, also it will reduce the service life of the automatic sliding door. I will suggest two reasonable design plan as follow:

For example one of the customer want to install automatic sliding door with a 6M width, 3M height. And the sliding door is only used for people access and exit, no need large projects to access. And someone of the servicer design the sliding door with 1.5M withd, 2.2M height for each of the fixed and movable door leafs. I need to say this design is really grandiose. But for the practicality there is some different opinion. Because whether it is winter or summer, If open such big space for the automatic sliding door, the indoor and outdoor air convection is large.So the temperature will change. It is not good for energy saving. It will spend a lot of extra cost for the electric power.



Plan one:

Design the fixed door leaf width about 2M. The movable door leaf about 1M. This design will increase the moving sliding door speed as will as the service life of the automatic sliding door operator.