Automatic sliding door belt tension adjustment:

Installation for automatic sliding door


When installing the aluminum alloy casing , please pay attention to keep it horizontal. The error is 1mm. If it is not level, it will lead to the phenomenon that the strength of the door is uneven when working. Resulting in reduced machine service life.

Installation of Door Hanger


Control system adjustment: (under normal circumstances do not have to adjust just keep the factory settings as well) before the adjustment of the door by moving the door a few times to ensure that the door can be smooth switch. Set the left and right toggle switch, according to the door opening direction, set the left or right. When the door is double-opened, the switch is set to the right. Turn the power switch on when the door is closed. Adjust the Control box on the knob: the premise is to press the control box of the test button, the door is opening and closing, at the same time adjust the various projects.

Adjust the starting intensity : the intensity should ensure that the door open and close can be free.
Adjust the opening speed and the door opening buffer distance:
    Check whether the door opening speed and the buffer distance is in the middle value (factory setting).
    Adjust the door opening buffer distance to 10 to 20 cm.
    Adjust the door opening speed, First confirm the door opening speed, after adjusting the door buffer distance.

The limiter device is determined to be embedded in the rail of the power beam. First, move the door to determine the door opening and closing position, and then determine the location of the limiter. * When set the position of the limiter device, should make the hanging device hit the stop pad after the stop. Securely tighten the mounting bolts with hex wrench.

Pull the tensioner assembly to the left, tighten the belt, and tighten the four press bolts. Loosen the four adjusting bolts and turn the tension adjusting bolt clockwise to adjust the belt tension. Tighten the four adjusting plate fixing bolts。


Open the sensor: Before installation, open the sensor cover from the rear of the sensor with a screwdriver. Sensor installation preparation: Put the drawing map of sensor to the installation location, according to map hole, the sensor wire take out from the pin hole. Wire connection and Installation: Route the wire through the lead-through hole, tighten the two screws, and retain the wire enough to connect to the terminal block. Adjust the angle of the sensor irradiation according to the site environment to select the appropriate angle, adjustment, please be careful not to touch the plane antenna. So as not to make it malfunction.


Mount the hanger parts to the specified position on the door using the attached door hanger bolt. Make sure that the pulley center of the hanger device and the door in parallel, if not parallel, will shorten the life of the pulley. Hang the pulley of the hanging device to the power beam. * Do not bruise other parts and guide rails of the power beam during installation. Otherwise, it will cause component failure or pulley life, noise, abnormal sound and so on.

     When using the electromagnetic lock, please use the test button after unlocking.
     Please ensure that there are no pedestrians around the door after adjustment, to avoid personal injury.
     Please do not adjust the knob to a large extent, will cause damage to the door.

Adjust the buffer speed: adjust it so that the door does not appear when the switch in the larger impact.

Adjust the opening and holding time: According to customer requirements, adjust to about 1 second without instructions.

Installation for the electric sliding door sensor

Loosen the nuts of the fixed hanger. Adjust the adjustment bolts safely.
Tighten the nuts for the mounting brackets. Confirm the resistance when walking. Confirm door movement is no lag phenomenon, and there is no friction sound, if there are problems, please confirm the following:

 * Hanging is fixed vertically on the door

 * Whether the hanging device has friction with the power beam
 * Whether there is friction between the door and the door frame door moving door leaf and ground height is generally maintained at 10mm. The gap between the moving door leaf and the fixed door leaf is 5mm.

Control system adjustment: 

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Limit device installation: Loosen the mounting bolts of the stopper.

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Precautions after completed install automatic sliding door opener



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The installation for automatic sliding door opener has a lot of procedures, and each process should be careful. Our article will introduce something about installation for the automatic sliding door opener

Installation for the aluminum alloy casing

Door height and gap adjustment: 

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After the installation is completed, close the door, check the door moving leaf active area without obstructions, sensor area without active person. Then switch the power. When the first time the power on, the door will slowly movement to record the door route.


These are automatic sliding door opener installation method and some place should be pay attention. Automatic sliding door suitable for hotels, hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., is widely used.




Notice for install automatic sliding door opener

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