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How to choose automatic door sensor






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The key switch can be a touch-type button, more convenient. The elbow switch is very durable, especially if it can be operated with an elbow. Avoid contact with the hand. There are also foot switches, the same function, but the higher the requirements of water resist, but if the power of foot is large, it will easy to make foot switch failure. There is also a handle with a contact switch that provides a contact signal to the door machine when the handle is pushed (or pulled in the opposite direction) in place.


And someplace use the handwave sensor switch, which no need contact the switch just show your hand near the handwave sensor, so this can keep your hand clean and hygiene. It suitable for hospital and laboratory which need keep your hand hygiene.


The infrared sensor is respond to the existence of objects, whether move or not, as long as the object in the infrared sensor scan range, it will respond to outgoing contact signal. So the automatic door will keep opening. The disadvantage is the infrared sensor response is slow, suitable for people with slow access to the place. In addition, if the automatic door to accept the contact signal time is too long, the controller will think that there is some problem from the signal input system. And if theautomatic door to keep open time is too long, this will damage the electrical components. 

Automatic sliding power door operator

When a moving object close to  the door, The door is automatically opened and closed. This is So-called 

automatic door. Now automatic sliding door is more and more widely used in commercial and residential like hotels, hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., Now we will talk about something about the open signal for automatic door.

Because the microwave radar sensor and infrared sensors do not know whether people want to acces when they close to the automatic door, so some occasions more willing to use the button switch.

There are two automatic door sensor commonly used: microwave radar sensor and infrared sensors. 

The microwave radar sensor is reaction for the displacement of the object , so that the reaction speed is fast, suitable for normal place that people walking speed is normal, which is characterized that staff near the door do not want to go out, the radar will no longer respond, automatic doors will be closed, So this can protect the automatic door operator.