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1.The product can be used as an exit switch which mainly receive signal to open the door.
2.Adopt infrared modulation-demolation, interference signal will not be caused.
3.With the non-contact induction design, door can be open in an easy and clean way.
4.Transmit distance is adjustable from to 15cm, can be set according to actual occations.
5.Low-power design, a longer service life.
6. With indicator light to ensure effective operation
7.High sensitivity, timely and accurate induction
8.Adopt high-sensitivity infrared tube, quick response for door opening.
9.Installation with hidden screw hole, the appearance with the sense of science.
10.With dry contact signal output, easy to link with various gated equipment.
11.No touch hand sensor switch, avoid contamination and keep hygiene and healthy
12.Relay contact output, convenient to connect with different access equipments. Sensing distance 1-15cm  adjustable.
13.Typical hidden emergency button, in case of induction failure, can press the emergency button to open automatic door



Handwave Infrared Sensor Switch for Automatic Doors

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Infrared sensor switch for automatc doors

   Handwave Infrared Sensor Switch for Automatic Doors Features:

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