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5, The door hanger is used to hang the movable door leaf, is driven by the brushless motor  with belt.


Automatic sliding door

General automatic doors are composed of these components, the main controller, sensor, power brushless motors, automatic sliding door track, door hanger, synchronous belt, the lower part of the guidance system, the following will focus on the various parts of automatic door working principle.



3, Brushless motor is to provide the main power for open and close the automatic door, to control the acceleration and deceleration of the operation.


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Today we will introduce the detail information for each parts of  automatic sliding door.

6, Synchronous belt, is used to transmit traction power, traction with the automatic door wheel system.


Now with the improvement of people's living standards, people are increasingly seeking the fascination of science and technology. Nowaday people is live with a variety of new technology, such as automatic doors, Automatic doors has becomed a modern consumer dream now. The more shopping malls, schools, residential, office buildings and hotel are using automatic sliding door





4, Automatic door track, same like the railway track, the main constraint is to follow the door wheel track, it runs in accordance with the original track.

1, The main controller is the entire automatic door command center, is the core of the automatic door, which commands the program issued by the corresponding command to direct the power motor work, and the user can adjust the door through the main controller like door speed and frequency.

Automatic sliding door parts introduction

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2, Sensor is responsible for collecting external signals, and same like people's eyes, if a moving object into the working area, it will sent a signal to the main controller.

7, The lower part of the guidance system is use to prevent the door up and down swing.